Monday, July 18, 2011

Do You Invest In Your Future?

by Dick Mac

Do you have any of your savings in the stock market? Is your retirement money in a fund, or do you trade?

I wonder how many people who believe in Fox News' mission have invested in News Corp. stock. This is America and the primary method for proving your belief in a business is to invest.

News Corporation stock yields about the same as a savings account (about one percent). You can purchase a share of NWS for about sixteen bucks and it pays about sixteen cents a year dividend.

Unlike a savings account, however, the value of the share of stock can go up or down, so the actual growth could be higher or lower than 1%.

As the GOP plan to destroy America via Congressional action proceeds, stock prices are falling; add to that the current criminal activity plaguing NWS, and by next week you will probably be able to get shares for ten bucks a share; but, then the dividend could also go down if the success of the remaining holdings diminishes. That is called risk.

But, if you believe in the News Corp. mission, then you should buy News Corp. stock. News Corp. has been telling Americans what to say and think for quite some time now, and suddenly they are falling on hard times. Tea Party members and "conservatives" should step-up and support their heroes.

It's easy: go to the website for the company that holds your retirement funds, or go to any commercial retail trading site, and transfer some thousands of your dollars to a brokerage account. Then place a trade for some number of shares.

It's easy!

Do it now: invest in your future! Don't bicker about the price, just invest!

Note: Neither Dick Mac nor anyone else associated with the Dick Mac (alive!) blog are licensed to provide investment advice. This information is provided strictly as entertainment - just like all the information on Fox News.

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