Friday, June 10, 2011

"Party Lights," Claudine Clark

by Dick Mac

Not so much for the video as for the most excellent song: "Party Lights," by Claudine Clark.

This is a montage video made by a fan of the song, it is not a music video or film made by the label to promote the song. It's such a great song, however, that I've decided to share it today.

I don't remember this song being released, but I remember hearing it through the sixties at every dance party.

From Clark's modest Wikipedia page:

Claudine Clark (born April 26, 1941 in Macon, Georgia) is an American R&B musician, best known as the singer and composer of the 1962 hit "Party Lights", which reached #5 on the Billboard pop chart.

Clark grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and began recording in 1958 for the Herald record label then moved to New York. She finally had a hit with her second single for Chancellor Records, the self-penned "Party Lights," but her follow-up, "Walkin' Through a Cemetery", was a commercial failure. She continued to record and compose, including under the alias Joy Dawn for the Swan Records label.

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