Friday, May 20, 2011

"Will You Be Raptured?" Flowchart

by Dick Mac

Now and then the Internet produces brilliance.

With all the talk about the rapture taking place tomorrow, it is no wonder that all of us are jumping on the bandwagon.

Personally, I hope that the Rapture happens for those who believe in that sort of thing, and the rest of us are left alone to get on with trying to restore civilization to a nation destroyed by so-called "conservatism."

To all of you who believe in that sort of thing: I wish you the best tomorrow and hope everything works out for you.

Today, I offer a link to the full "Will You Be Raptured?" Flowchart graphic at Peas and Cougars.

I was unable to secure permission to publish the image here, so please go to their site to see it. It's worth the click!

Remember Mark Twain's take: "I'll take Heaven for the climate and Hell for the company."

You can always visit the blog at

Thanks to Celia for the heads-up.

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