Monday, May 23, 2011

Sex and The Bible

by Dick Mac

Offering multiple-choice questions, the New York Times published a quiz on sex and the Bible, that sheds light on some amusing facts.

Sodomites were not condemned for participating in "unnatural" sex acts, but for failing to provide for the needy from their untold riches, and for worshiping idols, and being unwelcoming to strangers. Sounds sort of like Twenty-First Century America. The word "sodomy" was not used to describe a sex act until the 11th Century!

The Bible's position on abortion is never a surprise to me, but the Christian, specifically Catholic, stance on abortion is always a surprise to me. There's nothing odder than seeing a woman with a boob job and face lift (elective plastic surgery) condemning a medical procedure like abortion. I think God would look more kindly on a woman who has had to make the difficult choice of terminating a pregnancy than he would on a woman so spiritually bankrupt that she has to change her physical appearance to feel good about herself.

And divorce? The bible says a man can divorce his wife if she has been unfaithful! Bring that to The Vatican!

Religion and Sex Quiz

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