Monday, May 09, 2011

It has been my experience . . .

by Dick Mac

I know my life-experience is limited by the boundaries of my life.

I like to think I have had a broad range of experiences: living in different cities, states, countries; travelling as much as I can, reading many different kinds of writings, eating many kinds of foods, meeting people from all walks of life, trying different varieties of spiritual experiences (gnostic and agnostic alike), dating different kinds of people, investigating many forms of art, music, theater, cinema. I like to think I have a broad range of experiences.

That said, there is a constant that has developed in recent years: every person I know who is opposed to labor unions, federal-guaranteed mortgages, government programs, and affordable education, all come from families who lived in suburban developments funded with tax dollars, in homes mortgaged with federal security, got educated with federal loans, all with money earned by parents who were members of labor unions.

Now that these people have gotten their slice of the pie: done their sucking off the taxpayers, they don't think anyone else should have a shot. They don't want the government to finance any more developments, or guarantee any mortgages, or protect the rights of workers.

These people have joined a group of billionaires and media outlets and formed a minority political movement they quaintly refer to as a tea party.

They are hypocrites - every last one of them.

And that is part of my experience.

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