Thursday, May 05, 2011


by Dick Mac

Well, it's not like Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, the 2008 MLS Cup final in Los Angeles, or the early-round elimination from last year's MLS playoffs, but it is disappointing.

There are so few opportunities to see really, truly relevant documentation. We get so much schlock delivered as news that I am always excited when something really unique appears.

I watched the grainy video of Saddam Hussein's hanging, and regretted watching the beheading of a hostage in Pakistan.

Perhaps it's because the news during my childhood featured live action footage from Vietnam, that I expect to see details that might be considered off-putting.

So, yesterday's final declaration by the White House that President Obama would not allow the pictures of a dead Osama bin Laden to be released leaves me feeling disappointed.

I don't care if the pictures are gruesome. The networks showed the World Trade Center attacks twenty or thirty times an hour on 9/11. THAT was gruesome!

I expected to see the pictures because I don't trust the President. I mean, I trust him more than the last President because he isn't such a blatant liar (or he's a better liar); but the whole 'burial at sea' thing aroused my suspicions and I have decided that once I see the photos of the dead bin Laden, I will be staisfied.

So, although I don't think they are lying about bin Laden's death, I am disappointed that I will not see photographic evidence.

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