Saturday, April 02, 2011

Day 02 - Your Least Favorite Song: Hey Jude, The Beatles

The 30 Day Song Challenge has been presented to me by my friend Beff. The month of April will be dedicated to those thirty songs.

I grew-up in urban America in the 1960s.

It was impossible to miss The Beatles.

They had some great songs, and they had some dull songs.

I shied away from most of their music, although I quite like the solo music of John Lennon and George Harrison.

I was in my forties when I realized that the Beatles songs I didn't like were all songs written by Paul McCartney: Yesterday and Hey Jude always come to mind immediately.

I never liked Hey Jude. It's just so tedious and monotonous that I get bored by it almost instantaneously. Beatles fans, especially Paul McCartney fans, think I am crazy to say this. In my defense, I ask you:

If Joe Blow & The Nobodies, a singer or band that nobody ever heard of, showed-up at the radio station with Hey Jude (or Yesterday), do you think it would even be considered for release? I insist "No"!

It is only because this song was released by The Beatles that it would get airplay and sales; and I believe if The Beatles had released it as Joe Blow & The Nobodies, it would never have sold more than a hundred units worldwide!

If ever you get the urge to listen to a Paul McCartney song, I recommend listening to The Residents instead:

Hey Jude/Sympathy For The Devil, The Resident:

Hitler Was a Vegetarian medley from The Residents Third Reich 'n' Roll:

How about Pavarotti and Friends:

OK! Since I've had to suffer Hey Jude for decades, I now inflict it on you!

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