Monday, January 03, 2011

If You're Reading This, You Are Not On The List

by Dick Mac

Did You Die In 2010?

Popular wisdom says that only two things are inevitable: death and taxes.

If you are on this list, the latter no longer matters.

Here is a list of celebrities who died in 2010. The link at the end of the list will take you to a list of links to see actual obituaries.

Here's to a happy, safe, and healthy year ahead.

Fred Foy, announcer, 89
Don Van Vliet, musician "Captain Beefheart", 69
Dino De Laurentiis, movie producer, 91
Sparky Anderson, baseball manager, 76
Jill Clayburgh, actress, 66
Tom Bosley, actor, 83
Bob Guccione, publisher, 79
BenoƮt Mandelbrot, mathematician, 85
Barbara Billingsley, actress, 94
Tony Curtis, actor, 85
Greg Giraldo, comedian, 44
Kevin McCarthy, Actor, 96
Dorothy Janis, actress, 98 or 100
Billie Mae Richards, actress, 88
Edwin Newman, Journalist, 91
Harold Gould, actor, 86
Mike Edwards, musician, 62
Ted Stevens, former Senator, 86
Morrie Yohai, Cheez Doodle developer, 90
Gary Coleman, actor, 42
Dennis Hopper, actor, 74
Lynn Redgrave, actress, 67
Malcolm McLaren, punk music manager, 64
Wilma Mankiller, former Cherokee chief, 64
Meinhardt Raabe, actor, 94
John Forsythe, actor, 92
Alex Chilton, musician, 59
Peter Graves, actor, 83
Doris Haddock, political activist,100
Mark Linkous, musician, 47
Henry Wittenberg, athlete, 91
Merlin Olsen, athlete and actor, 69
Corey Haim, actor, 38
Andrew Koenig, actor, 41
Lionel Jeffries, actor, 83
Ronald Howes, inventor of Easy-Bake Oven, 83
Kathryn Grayson, actress and singer, 88
John Babcock, Canada’s last known veteran of WWI, 108
Alexander Haig, former secretary of state, 85
Dick Francis, Jockey and Writer, 89
Doug Fieger, musician, 57
Nodar Kumaritashvili, athlete, 21
Fred Morrison, Frisbee inventor, 90
Alexander McQueen, fashion designer, 40
Ian Carmichael, Comic British Actor, 89
Felice Quinto, photographer, 80
John Murtha, congressman, 77
Karen Schmeer, film editor, 39
Zelda Rubinstein, actress, 76
J. D. Salinger, author, 91
Casper, bus-riding cat, 12
Jean Simmons, actress, 80
Kate McGarrigle, singer, 63
Robert B. Parker, author, 77
Glen W. Bell Jr., Founder of Taco Bell, 86
Art Rust Jr., Pioneer in Sports Talk Radio, 82
Jay Reatard, musician, 29
Teddy Pendergrass, musician, 59
Art Clokey, creator of Gumby, 88
Brittany Murphy, Actress, 32
Cahal Daly, Cardinal, 92
Curtis Allina, candy company executive, 87

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