Thursday, September 16, 2010

Your Pennies Go Where?

by Dick Mac

Since the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are people and have the same rights to participate in the electoral process as actual human beings, people have been talking more about corporate financing of electoral campaigns.

The site has created an interactive online application that tracks corporate donations to the two major political parties.

This picture shows donors to the GOP, but the application allows you to view the data in many different ways.

When you buy toothpaste, does part of the profit go to support candidates you oppose?

When you eat a burger, are you supporting laws that actually hinder your civil liberties?

When you take a vacation, does your flight support an elected official who intends to threaten your job security?

It's hard to know, of course, because most companies keep that information private. (You see, corporations now think they are people with rights to privacy.)

Now you only need go here: Corporate Contributions to Political Parties to get that information at a high level.

Consider using this site before you vote in November!

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