Wednesday, September 15, 2010


by Dick Mac

It has been difficult the last thirty years to watch the Democratic Party move further and further to the right-wing.

In 1980, it was unfathomable to think that a Democrat would embrace economic theories that destroy the lives of workers and chip away at the middle-class, or that a Democrat would sign not one but two federal laws barring homosexuals from enjoying the same civil rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

Nor would I have ever thought that given the chance to rectify these situations, they would reaffirm the most draconian economic system the first-world has ever seen, refuse to protect homosexual taxpayers, and pander to the basest fears of white people in the heartland.

Yet, that's what we have: a political party that is called "leftist" and has enacted more right-wing laws than even the Republicans.

The amusing part of this frightening shift to the right is watching the Republican party overtaken by right-wing extremists.

I have always seen midterm elections as my opportunity to show my feelings on the state of affairs; not just about the President, but about the entire political situation.

In 2006, for the first time in my adult life, I failed to vote for a single Democrat. I voted the Green Party straight down their ticket.

What to do in 2010?

I remain a registered Democrat, so yesterday I got to vote in the Democratic primary.

I voted for Gail Goode, a progressive Brooklyn-based attorney has served as a Deputy Borough Chief for Trials in the New York City Law Department. She was running in the U.S. Senate primary, against right-wing Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. Gillibrand was never elected to her seat, but was appointed by Buffoon-in-Chief, Governor David Patterson in his efforts to secure upstate votes in his aborted attempt to run for re-election. So, he is out and he has stuck us with a horrible U.S. Senator.

Gillibrand won in a landslide. I think most New Yorkers aren't really paying attention.

In the Attorney General race, I voted for Eric Schneiderman, a progressive Democrat with an impressive track-record who most recently worked diligently to reform the failed Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Schneiderman beat the other four candidates.

In November, it is unlikely that I will vote for any Democrats; but I will analyze the situation as election day approaches.

The good news is in Delaware, where anti-masturbation teabagger Christine O'Donnell took the GOP nomination and will run against "Democrat" Christopher Coons. I think it would be amusing to have more teabaggers in the Senate. They really have no positions on anything (well, except that they all seem to hate blacks, homosexuals, women, and poor people) and they do not vote the straight GOP-line - they do not tow-the-line. Also, teabaggers are fun to point at and watch, they all seem to be socially retarded and lacking any real political skills beyond marketing.

I have no hope that the Democrats will retain control of the Senate, nor do I think they deserve to retain control. I will give no money to any Democratic candidates during the midterm cycle, and I hope that progressives across the nation will take a chance and vote Green.

New York Primary Results

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