Monday, September 20, 2010


by Dick Mac

I lost interest in the NBA during the Michael Jordan era, when cheating became glorified and criminal activity was rewarded. In both cases, the more famous the player, the more rules and laws could be broken; with Jordan himself being the poster boy for all of it.

The NFL, on the other hand, has always worked hard to preserve its image - to prevent individual players from bringing the game into disrepute. One problem I remember happened when the players were striking and showed-up at the stadiums with guns. They were, theoretically, going to shoot any athletes who crossed the picket lines.

Living in New York City, I get regular doses of sports craziness. Last year it was a Giants player firing a gun in a nightclub. That was pretty amazing. What was most amazing is that almost everyone involved, from bouncers to nurses to agents tried to cover it up for the guy!

Last night, a different Giants player threw his helmet into the stands during a game in Indianapolis. One lucky fan took possession of it. The coach yelled at the player and one can only hope he used the word "asshole" in his tongue-lashing. Then an employee for the Colts took the helmet away from the lucky fan who was in possession of the helmet.

I don't think either action was acceptable: the player should be banned from the game for endangering fans (even if it was an "accident"), and the team official should be fired for failing to protect the fan in possession of the helmet, and then taking the helmet away from him.

Perhaps the NFL and NBA should merge and hire all the nation's sociopaths!