Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brits Conspire To Thwart Israel

by Dick Mac

I have heard in the past that the failure of the British to keep their post-War obligations during the creation of the state of Israel is to blame for the perpetual crises in that region.

Britain's refusal to cooperate, and their interference with the plan to relocate the Palestinian population, led to thousands of Palestinians being left behind in what was to become Israel. Even though Britain had agreed to take on this task as part of the rebuilding of the world, they undermined the relocation and failed - completely and deliberately.

The Brits guaranteed that Israel would never become a secure state.

This new story about Britain's efforts to undermine Israel is news to me, and I take it as further proof that Britain never had any intention of helping to stabilize that region after the war.

I sure do hope a book is eventually published about the Palestinian relocation efforts, and the total failure of the Brits to keep-up their end of the bargain. Until that time, please enjoy this new information that proves the British actively undermined the transport of Jews to Palestine.

MI6, Britain's secret intelligence service, planted explosives to disable ships before they could transport Jewish men, women and children from Europe to Palestine. Britain controlled Palestine at the time and, partly due to pressure from wartime Arab allies, adopted a policy of strictly limiting Jewish migration to British-controlled lands in the region. In May 1948, the British left and Israel declared independence.

As an American, it's refreshing to see that we have learned how to fuck-up the world by following the lead of the best fucker-uppers in the history of Western Civilization.

Britain bombed ships that were to transport Jews after Holocaust

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