Friday, July 23, 2010

Thierry Henry's Debut with Red Bull New York

Photo by Dick Macby Dick Mac

Thierry Henry made his debut for Red Bull New York last night in a friendly match against Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, one of last year's top four teams in the English Premier League.

Henry's arrival in New York has been anticipated by Red Bull fans for over two years. His actual arrival has been met with glee, and an increase in ticket sales for the team.

Some object to the signing, saying he is an aging star and RBNY needs different skills. Some object to the signing because they pretend to know something about the Irish National Team, or pretend they have some connection to the old sod, and nurse a resentment towards Henry over his handball in a match in 2009. I hope those in the latter camp will spare me your tedious comments about the handball. It's really long past time to move on from that. Find a better reason to hate one of the greatest players of all time.

Most of us, though, are thrilled by the signing. We know that Henry is not washed-up, we know he has a few years left in his legs. We know he is a humble and hard-working player. We know that he leads by example and will be a fantastic addition to an already good Red Bulls side.

He was welcomed with loud cheers last night when he was introduced to the crowd, and his play was beautiful. He even scored the first goal of the match, in the 25th minute. Passing, dribbling, even tackling, he showed us his skills and it was marvelous.

Here is a clip of Henry's goal from SoccerHighlightsTV1:

RBNY is very lucky to have signed Henry, and I am truly grateful to ownership for making the commitment and spending the money to bring him here.

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