Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saving The Economy

by Dick Mac

Our nation was saved by a trillion-plus dollar injection of stimulus money after the banking industry ran-off with the free-market.

Those who have not been devastated by the financial disaster of the last few years complain that the government is spending too much money saving the banks.

Well, they didn't complain when the last president did it, because he was THEIR president; but they complain when the current president (clearly not THEIR kind of president - even though he is a pro-business conservative) follows-up with a needed second infusion of cash.

In some ways I wish the feds had let the economy crumble, because it would have exposed today's free-market as the fraud of rich-white-socialism it really is. Sadly, its the job of the federal government to keep the nation intact and a nation without an economy is, well, not really a nation at all.

So, two presidents pumped a bundle into the economy to maintain the status quo at the expense of the working class, and the racists . . . er, I mean the teabaggers, want to blame the black guy for it. White middle-class Americans act all shocked and appalled that this has happened to the economy after voting TWICE to make Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush president. These guys had every intention of this happening to the economy. Obama has the same plan, but because he is black he will be villainized and his predecessor lionized.

Don't get me wrong: I loathe Barack Obama and although I preferred him to Hillary Clinton it was definitely a lesser-of-two-evils decision. Clinton is a monster, Obama is just a creep.

After the supply-siders sacrificed our future to their buddies and left the economy nearly non-existent, George Bush HAD to pump money into the economy and we all knew that another infusion would be necessary by his successor.

If his successor had been John McCain, the teabaggers would be lauding his whiteness, er . . . I mean, his brilliant move of stimulating the economy. But Obama, though; he's a bad guy for doing exactly what everyone knew was needed.

And the teabaggers? Well, they are preparing to elect more republican supply-siders. And the so-called liberals? They will also elect more democratic supply-siders. And the cycle will continue.

Teabaggers have not formed a new party, they have just decided to support their own style of Republicans (also commonly known as racist idiots), and not support the old-school guys (really smart racists) that we are used to seeing.

Liberals who continue to support the Democrats are useless. They are over and irrelevant. Liberals are the end of American liberalism because they cannot break away from the Democrats, who today are exact replicas of c.1978 Republicans.

Our only chance to change the future is to break away from the single party system of Republicans and Democrats.

If the teabaggers and so-called liberals really want change, they are going to have to abandon traditional notions of conservatism and liberalism, because they are no longer valid.

In the meantime, it is important to understand that the stimulus spending was necessary - even if we didn't have it in the bank at that very moment. It was necessary if we wanted the United States to continue existing in its current form, which I think the majority of people want.

Alan S. Blinder, of Princeton University, and Mark Zandi, of Moody's, have statistically and analytically proven that the Bush and Obama stimulus packages succeeded at saving the economy.

So, please people, enough with the complaining about the stimulus? It is necessary and successful; and despite teabagger notions that the rich will stimulate the economy if we cut their taxes, that has never been true. What is true? Federal investment in the market has always been the only way to grow the American economy.

And this has been true ever since the American Revolution.

In Study, 2 Economists Say Intervention Helped Avert a 2nd Depression

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Bethany said...

This is Bethany, and I agree whole-heartedly with every word said. I can also hear my mother's responses to your comments about teabaggers. I'm not sure if she is one this week or not.