Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Two Moms . . .

by Dick Mac

This is my favorite Internet picture of recent time.

Gay marriage is probably the most important socio-political issue facing America today. It is as incendiary as abortion was when it first hit the airwaves.

This issue, for all its emotionalism, really comes down to economic and civil rights issues.

Homosexuals are taxpayers and deserve equal treatment under all laws not because they are homosexuals, but because they are taxpayers, citizens.

The notion that "God" or "god" intended that marriage was supposed to be exclusively heterosexual is no argument in the United States, and the government needs to stop giving that argument the traction it is getting. That is a religious opinion and is not a fact.

It's time for the repeal of Bill Clinton's Defense of Marriage Act, it's time for every state to legalize same-sex marriages, and it's time for homosexuals to pull their support from any "liberal" politician who does not 100% support these two initiatives.

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