Friday, July 09, 2010

God Says:

by Dick Mac

My favorite part of watching the religious get upset about the lives, loves, lifestyles, and decisions of other people, is their presumption that they know exactly what God wants.

Instead of accepting the Bible and their other religious writings as spiritual challenges and lessons for themselves, they choose to form a morality they then impose on others.

I'm not talking about criminal matters of murder, rape, larceny, arson or plunder, here; I am talking about life and love and charity.

My experience as a Christian is that most Christians are bigots, and they hide their fears, their manias and phobias, behind a mantle of religiosity (and often conservatism) because they cannot fathom that they might be afraid, or wrong, or homosexual.

Conservative Christians are the most dangerous people in the world not because they kill people, although they would like that to be a legitimate part of their agenda via capital punishment; but because they want to do long-term damage to Western Civilization (if it can still be called that) by enacting laws like DOMA and DADT that have generational implications.

That's why I was so excited to get this message from God:

If you know anyone who opposes gay marriage, avoid them as best you can. If you know anyone who supports the death penalty, give them a wide berth. In general, let the so-called conservatives have their little lives separate from you.

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