Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Taking Care Of The Homosexuals

Homophobic Criminal and Republican Candidate For Senate, Ron Kirklandby Dick Mac

I know homosexuals are targeted for harassment and assault by bigots, and I know they are often battered after assaults take place. I know that most people think it's OK to abuse homosexuals, treat them as second-class citizens, and deny them their civil rights.

I know these things are true and I have spent my life fighting against these things.

Last week, two so-called "conservatives" running in the Tennessee Republican primary for nomination to the Senate race, both said that homosexuals were "taken care of" in the military. I suspect they mean that violence was perpetrated upon their fellow soldiers who were, or were suspected of being, homosexual.

I don't think I have heard a more immoral statement in this election cycle. Here are two men who were paid to defend the taxpayers and then used their positions of power to hurt American citizens.

I think the military has an obligation to learn from these men exactly what they meant by their remarks.

I think that a discharged member of the military can have his discharge changed if it comes to light that he broke the law during his enlistment. Assaulting and/or battering a fellow soldier is grounds for a dishonorable discharge.

If these men participated in, or covered-up, the beatings of homosexuals in the military, they should be brought to court martial and dishonorably discharged from the military.

Kirkland, a Vietnam veteran, said of his time in the military: "I can tell you if there were any homosexuals in that group, they were taken care of in ways I can't describe to you."

Smith, who served in the first Iraqi war, added: "I definitely wouldn't want to share a shower with a homosexual. We took care of that kind of stuff, just like (Kirkland) said."

The Tennessee Republican Party had no comment about the candidates statements when contacted by The Associated Press on Friday.

TN Congressional candidates: Gays were 'taken care of' when they were in military

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