Wednesday, May 05, 2010

No Tea Party In The Heartland!

by Dick Mac

I have figured-out the difference between a Tea Party and teabaggers.

If you really want to have a Tea Party, like the 18th Century event in Boston, you have to work for real change. An actual political party needs to be formed for the 'movement' to have any credibility.

If you're just angry about the immigrants and taxes, but you continue to vote Republican or Democrat, you're a teabagger. That is, you are taking action, but it's just your mouth moving a lot to make someone else feel good.

I see no movement that plans to create a new political party; therefore these people are teabaggers, not tea party patriots.

Current-day public teabaggers insist they want change. They seem to want our nation to return to the mid-18th century socio-political structure created by the American revolutionaries. This would, indeed, be a change.

Michael Steele would not only be a mouthpiece for Roger Ailes, he would actually be owned outright by Roger Ailes or another wealthy white man. Not a white woman, though; women wouldn't have any rights. They certainly wouldn't be allowed to vote, and if they tried to speak out in public they would likely be jailed, and possibly tarred and feathered (if their fathers, bothers, or husbands actually let them out of the house). No working person would own a home, because there would be no robust credit system that provides tax-free jumbo loans to middle-class people. There would be a minute middle-class. There would be no suburbs because the government certainly would not have subsidized the subdivisions that allowed the suburbs to grow; so the white immigrants of the 19th Century would have to live in the cities with the brown immigrants of the 20th Century.

So, although teabaggers say they want to return America to some kind of Constitutional nirvana, they really do not want that. I suspect they do not want a brown president and it really just comes down to that. The change they want is a change of the president whose death they advocate.

The season has started for teabaggers to be heard somewhere besides Fox News. Now is the time for them to vote the courage of their convictions (of they actually have any convictions, which I question).

A few states held Republican primaries this week. North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana voters went to the polls to let their anger be heard, and to bring change to Washington. There were candidates endorsed by teabagger groups running against mainstream Republicans.

I expected that this would be the beginning of the change the teabaggers say they want. What happened? All of the mainstream Republican insiders won their primaries. Hands-down. It wasn't even really close.

Teabaggers aren't really interested in changing the elected officials who represent their interests (Republicans), they are only interested in changing the elected officials that represent those with whom they disagree.

And that is the theme that runs through the teabagger gatherings. Eliminate government for the other people, and strengthen the government for them.

It might work, but I will continue to call them the hypocrites that they are.

Unharnessed anger: Incumbents win in NC, OH, IN

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