Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Stoney End" by Barbra Streisand

by Dick Mac

Laura Nyro's songs were filled with soul and blues and rhythm. Columbia records could never find a way to market this little white girl with the big Philly Soul sound.

I loved this song by Barbra Streisand years before I knew it was a Laura Nyro song.

The song had been previously released (and charted) by actress Peggy Lipton, of Mod Squad fame, a few years before she married Quincy Jones.

It was Streisand, though, who had the most success with the song, hitting #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This is a recording of the song over a montage, it is not a live performance.



Brice Buchanan said...

Wow - you liked this?

So did I! It rocked my AM radio world back in... what was it, 1970?

Linda Ronstadt covered this, too, but not even Linda could out-belt Barbra on this one.

Edwin Moore said...

Great song and great version - many thanks for posting this

T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper (tm) said...

Laura Nyro is a great intro to the study of rock & roll because her songs were covered by so many others. Scope rock & roll history the new way with the Historyscoper free and improve your mind:

Anonymous said...

Well enough said, hey I had to take of me head phones first...........yes, Laura was the heart and soul of so many stars, its a shame, or , well we all wish the stars could come out at night, but, in some way, they still do, thanks Laura,,,,,,,,,,,thanks for having so much soul, and sharing so much, with the time you might be going down to stony end, but, I bet, and I hope,your dancing all the way..........