Monday, April 05, 2010

Why Do Teabaggers Hate America?

by Dick Mac

How do teabaggers think we created jobs after the Civil War, the Depression, WWII, and Vietnam?

Government investment, that's how.

Industry did not (and has never) created jobs. The rich have always demanded that the government create the jobs.

Working people who now support the GOP and demand a smaller government need to think about how the United States has always been successful, and it has never been because of the generosity or hard-work of industry, or the down-sizing of government!

You want to know a nation with small government? Somalia. Nigeria. Congo. Liberia. Are these the nations teabaggers aspire to be like?

Almost every generation has inherited the debt of earlier generations, going all the way back to 1780. Yes, since the beginning. Our Founding Fathers did their founding on debt. HUGE debt. Money borrowed from people who didn't like us very much.

This is part of the American Way. We call it an investment in the future.

And where were the teabaggers when the previous President destroyed the economy, national pride, and our future with two wars he was incapable of leading?

If teabaggers are just afraid homosexuals, brown people, intellectuals, and reproductive rights, just say so. Then we'd know why you support the GOP.

Stop pretending that our government used to be something it wasn't, or should become something it never was, is not now, or ever should be.

Why do teabaggers hate America?

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ckb said...

I wish I had your analytical ability and your depth of knowledge in these subjects -- I do appreciate your putting it together for the rest of us. You tell 'em!