Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State Of The Union?

by Dick Mac

I am not sure why America's so-called conservatives are unhappy with President Obama (well, except for the obvious: that he is black and they are racists). Beyond that, though, I think they should be very happy with the job that Obama has done. He's bailed-out big-business and nobody else. He's continuing the wars. He is backing a pro-bank Fed Chairman. His so-called health care plan is the Republican plan from 1993 and not even remotely a liberal or socialist plan.

Leftists should be the ones angry with him as he has never really had a progressive agenda beyond using the word progressive in a sentence (if he ever has).

Although liberals are justifiably angry about the Supreme Court decision to let big business take-over our elections, those who voted for Obama should take comfort knowing that he is exactly the kind of President big business adores: a pro-business liberal.

You want to know the state of the union? Everything is just fine! It's exactly how the politicians and the corporations think it should be.

Relax! Have a latte, watch Fox News, and I'll see you over at Facebook!

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Al Falafal AKA T.Faigle said...

They also hate the President because he's not a Repugnican and because he is intelligent. Two more strikes against him, but yes... mostly they hate him because he's Black.

Fuckin' racists!