Tuesday, January 26, 2010

City's Loss Could Be My (Short-Term and Temporary) Gain

by Dick Mac

Brazilian soccer player Robinho has been playing at Manchester City, in the English Premier League, for the last couple of seasons, and has always seemed just a bit discontent. His threats to leave the club seem to have been persistent, followed immediately by statements about how happy he is to be playing for City, and that he has no intention to leave.

Now comes Brazilian club Santos, Robinho's original club, seeking to secure the services of the young player. City is willing to discuss the transfer, but only if it is to their advantage. City has a lot of money invested in Robinho and wants to be properly compensated. Perfectly reasonable.

Santos is a storied club, having been the club to sign Pele to his first contract in 1955, and retaining the services of the greatest player to play the game straight through until his departure for New York in 1974. As well as Pele, Santos has given the world Geovanni and Elano, both of whom also played for Manchester City, and both of whom are formidable players in their own rights.

The transfer could be good for both clubs: City could rid themselves of a moody player who, as good as he is, has become a distraction; and Santos FC could retain the services of a player who has built an impressive international resume and is hugely popular back at his original club.

So, you wonder, why would this be my gain?

Well, my team, Red Bull New York, is planning the grand opening of our new state-of-the-art, European-style soccer stadium, Red Bull Arena, in Harrison, NJ. The inaugural match will be between RBNY and Santos on Saturday, March 20, 2010!

If Robinho transfers to Santos, I could see him play my team in a couple of months!

At this time, tickets are currently available only to RBNY Season Ticket holders, who get to see the match as part of their season ticket package. Any remaining tickets will be sold to the general public at the end of this week. You can see the RBNY tickets page here for information about season tickets and partial packages, or you can call them at 1-877-RBSOCCER.

Santos confirm Robinho talks

Red Bull Arena webcam

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