Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Does The Public Hate The Public?

by Dick Mac

I would like to remind so-called "conservatives" that it is not the role of the United States government to prop-up free-enterprise; but it is the role of the government to protect the citizenry (even from itself). Provision of health care is not an act of socialism anymore than bank bailouts or other corporate subsidies. Provision of health care in a public forum is called civilization (not that so-called "conservatives" care about civilization since it gets in the way of the Rapture). A civilized people cares for its people. Give a hemophiliac a band-aid he stops bleeding for a moment, give him health care and he might not get blood everywhere.

Here is a study from that bastion of socialism, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that finds even doctors support a public option:

Physician Views on the Public Health Insurance Option and Medicare Expansions

There are almost 50,000,000 (that's fifty million to those who don't know math/counting) Americans without proper access to health care. There are stupid people who think provision of health care is socialism. Those people are lost souls with small minds and need to be ignored. Real Americans support the notion of a healthy nation and understand that we only have socialism for the rich in America. We don't want socialism for all: we want health care. A public health care system will guarantee that we might become the greatest nation in the world again, as it will be the first step away from the absurdity of supply-side economic theory. Let's take care of all Americans and let the rich fend for themselves!

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AKA Ted Faigle said...

The AMA and a majority of physicians support a public option in health care coverage. Isn't that enough? Shouldn't we consider them to be the "Generals" in the "War for Health Care Reform?" We are continually told that the "Generals on the ground" in Iraq & Afghanistan determine whether we continue and expand those incredibly expensive, wasteful, senselessly destructive ventures. Military leaders supposedly know more than civilians, foot soldiers, Congress and even the President about what's best for us in that fight. So we defer to them unequivocally. Why do we not give the same consideration to the Professionals on the front lines of Health Care in this country?