Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Senate Victory for the GOP

by Dick Mac

Again, the Democrats compromise with the Republicans and get nothing.

First, the Republicans claimed that providing health care to the uninsured was socialism, and the media got on board with it. The three major networks and almost every newspaper in the land have given the argument credence by reporting over and over again that it is socialism. If American media outlets wanted health care reform (which they do not), they would have ignored that grandstanding and kept the discourse in the arena of reality. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is controlled by people who oppose health care reform, and they will ensure it doesn't get done.

Instead, the Republicans have led the debate and turned it from a discussion of health care to an absurdist circus of uninformed Americans blathering on about socialism. As if they have any idea at all about socialism. Anyone with half a brain knows that a public health care system has nothing to do with socialism; it has to do with civilization.

Next, the Democrats decide to play along with the media circus and change the plan from a proposal to provide health care to the uninsured into a bill about nothing: no change, no protection, and no regulation

Now, Senator Max Baucus, of Montana, is presenting a watered-down health care bill with almost no changes to the current system and no public option to guarantee health care coverage for uninsured Americans. I can only assume that Baucus wants Obama out of the White House and the Democrats out of their majorities, because presenting this bill is absurd.

Knowing that the GOP has no intention to vote for any bill, the Democrats need to craft legislation that will provide health care for all Americans. Ignore the GOP the way they are ignoring reality.

Let's pray that someone in the House has the testicular fortitude to write an actual bill about health care, and just ignore the GOP.

The Senate is lost, and it's time to focus on the House. If you haven't contacted your Representative, please do so now. The only voices they are hearing are the voices of opposition. They need to hear from those of us who want real health care reform with a safety net for uninsured Americans.

Write Your Representative

Baucus unveiling health bill without GOP on board

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