Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Right Continues To Get Their Way

by Dick Mac

As the nation moves towards the center-right, away from the far-right, the leaders of the far right have lost control of their minions.

Anti-abortion terrorists have increased their crimes against health clinics across the country. See my earlier article, Poisoning The Legacy Of A Physician, and law enforcement agencies at every level refuse to enforce the law. When was the last prosecution under FACE?

Holocaust deniers find more outlets for their voices and increase their attacks against humanity. See, Gunman shoots, kills, guard at Holocaust Museum.

A wanton drug-addict is traveling the country declaring himself the new voice of the Republican Party, and it's working. See, Republicans See Gingrich, Cheney, and Limbaugh as Their Spokesmen.

The far right is one the offensive and if we do not shout them down, silence their glamour, and show the cracks in their wares, the media will soften on them again and they will be presented in a positive light.

It is important to regularly point out that the American right promotes domestic terrorism and is a menace to the good order of the United States.

All the "Reagan Democrats" and "Joe Six-Pack Republicans" who have pushed the nation to the far right with their sentimental notions about reproduction, Jesus, race-relations, and a woman's place in the world, need to be ignored. Either they see the error of their ways, or let's embarrrass them back into their kitchens and bar rooms, where the world is safe from them, and away from the voting booths.

Enough of the terrorism and hatred from the far right. Enough!

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