Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New York State Foolishness

by Dick Mac

It can no longer be called "politics"!

The behavior of the Democratic Party in response to the defection of two of its members to the Republican Party is laughable.

New York Democrats, led by the buffoonery of the current state administration, are a joke. They no longer have any idea how to balance the demands of a generally-liberal downstate and a generally-conservative upstate. They seem to be lost in a self-serving labyrinth of power-grabbing that prevents them from presenting anything resembling a unified front, a plan, or a political agenda.

Add to that mix a meddling billionaire who doesn't even really seem to want to live in New York, and you've got a collision of power-brokers that will bring only one result: chaos. The taxpayers of New York will suffer, and the Democrats will dance while the Republicans fiddle, and the state burns.

No other state in this nation is more in need of a third-, fourth-, and fifth-party.

Whether you are liberal or conservative, left or right, rich or poor, gay or straight, you are being abused by the current two-party system. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are serving you - they are serving themselves - and the Governor and congressional leadership are the primary culprits.

Now is the time to vote for an alternative party, and I suggest the Greens.

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