Monday, February 09, 2009

Dirty Baseball (Is That Redundant?)

by Dick Mac

The squeaky-clean three-time MVP, possible future home-run king, and natural-born Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, used steroids, after they were banned in 1991.

This means he is a cheater.

This video report is available on youtube:

As an aside, when I viewed that video on Saturday, an advertisement for purchasing Human Growth Hormones appeared at the bottom of the display:

All of America seems to say, "steroids, although not illegal, are immoral, and should not be used." Yet when I click a link on the internet about an athlete making an immoral decision about using steroids, I am greeted with an advertisement promoted by this media outlet that suggests I purchase human growth hormones, which are steroids!

The Major League Players Association (the players union) has known since 2003 that 104 players used steroids in 2003. Baseball prohibited the use of steroids without a prescription in 1991, but there were no penalties for a positive test in 2003. So, because there was no penalty, you had nothing to fear for cheating, which is what A-Rod and the others have done: they cheated. The complicity of so-called good-guys like Derek Jeter, who declares that teamates will support the cheaters, just proves that there is nobody in all of baseball worth the time of day.

The media needs to start covering baseball like spring break: a bunch of drug-upped sociopaths with no regard for morality, fair play, decency, or sportsmanship.

The hairs will be split and the media will conclude that since A-Rod is the "best player in baseball" and there was no real penalty for steroid use, there is no merit to the story; it's so much water under the bridge and that baseball is bigger than A-Rod. The media will protect not the sport of baseball, but the institutions of Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association.

If the newspapers, magazines, television networks and websites, lawmakers, amateur coaches and advertisers really cared about America, Americans, consumers, children, or any other calssification of humans, more than they cared about personal financial enrichment, Major League Baseball would be ignored and shuttered, baseball would be allowed to vanish into the dust. Then, perhaps, it would sprout organicially into a series of small regional businesses that might one day grow into a large regional business.

After its strike, the NHL was all but destroyed by the refusal of big media to televise the sport, and media can do the same thing to baseball. Ignore them, refuse to broadcast their "games," and let them wither away.

Scum like Bud Selig, Donald Fehr, and Keenesaw Mountain Landis, conspire or have conspired to keep Major League Baseball out of the reach of the law, and in a position where they answer to nobody but themselves. Enough is enough.

Our children, and all American consumers, deserve better than Major League Baseball. We deserve athletes who aren't cheaters.

I encourage all consumers to ignore baseball. Watch a real sport, or go out and get some exercise; but, for God's sake, stop giving your hard-earned money to the slime that is Major League Baseball.

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