Wednesday, February 18, 2009


by Dick Mac

Bipartisanship? The Republicans want to talk about bipartisanship? They know nothing about bipartisanship. It's their way or the highway, buckaroo; and if you don't like it, well, too bad, because the Right-Wing Americo-Christus Express is coming through and taking down anything that stands in its way.

That is the theme of post-Reagan, Fox News America. There is no room for dialog: there is a right way to do things and it's their way and God help you if you get in the way.

The media, in their varied forms, have belittled Obama's stimulus package and called it pork and a detriment to the budget. Well, it's more than any Republican plan has offered the American people since 1980!

How any Republican can stand in front of the American people with a straight face and complain about a budget of pork that breaks the bank is beyond me. We have had 28 years of tax cuts for the rich, corporate welfare expansion, job loss, weakening dollars, and a White House nattering on about abortion and gay marriage while Rome burns. In those 28 years, the only President to balance the budget and strengthen the economy was the faux-Democrat, Bill Clinton.

Reagan entered office with America as the largest lending nation in the world, divided the federal pie into three (!) halves (tax cuts, military, government functions) and pretended everything would balance, leaving us with the largest debt our nation had ever known; Bush I provided a tax break that actually raised my taxes; and Bush II has pretty much destroyed America and left it with two wars (and abortion and gay marriage).

The Republicans have always planned to funnel all wealth into the hands of as few people as possible, and waved the flags of abortion, socialism, and homosexuality, while cloaking themselves in the Christus, to distract stoopit Americans from the real issues of off-shoring, health care, education, infrastructure, and the Bill of Rights.

The right-wing has no interest in bipartisanship. They are on a mission from gawd, dammit, and they will stop at nothing to get their way.

Bipartisanship? Are you out of your mind?

Fortunately, Frank Rich at the New York Times sees this, and discusses the culture of single-mindedness that is the American right:

Here’s a third moral: Overdosing on this culture can be fatal. Because Republicans are isolated in that parallel universe and believe all the noise in its echo chamber, they are now as out of touch with reality as the “inevitable” Clinton campaign was before it got clobbered in Iowa. The G.O.P. doesn’t recognize that it emerged from the stimulus battle even worse off than when it started. That obliviousness gives the president the opening to win more ambitious policy victories than last week’s. Having checked the box on attempted bipartisanship, Obama can now move in for the kill.

Read, They Sure Showed That Obama.

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