Thursday, January 29, 2009

United States Senators - Kirsten Gillibrand

by Dick Mac

On January 23, 2009, New York Governor David Paterson appointed Kirsten Gillibrand to fill the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, who became the United States Secretary of State.

Although conservative whack-jobs are very well-represented in the Senate, and the nation relies on the population of the Northeast and West to elect actual thinkers with open-minds and political forethought, Gov. Paterson thought it would be a good idea to appoint a pro-gun, anti-abortion, tax-cuts-for-the-rich, anti-immigrant 42-year-old Upstater.

Although considered a "centrist" (which in my home means "right-winger"), Gillibrand can hardly be compared to Hillary Clinton in the intellect and public-policy departments.

Gillibrand may be more supportive of LGBT issues than Clinton (although that wouldn't take much), but gay-marriage and other LGBT issues are not federal issues to be addressed in Washington, D.C. So, her gay friends will be thrilled to know she will not vote against them in a venue that has no real power to fix the problems the LGBT community face.

Clearly, Paterson used the Gillibrand appointment to appease Upstate New Yorkers in hopes of gaining their support in the next gubernatorial election.

I think he chose poorly. Alienating New York City liberals to appease Upstaters who would probably never vote for a black guy seems short-sighted.

I certainly hope that Patersson didn't appoint Gillibrand because he thinks she was the best person available. There are many New Yorkers with a far superior resume; but, they live where smart people live, Downstate.

It will be easy to unseat Paterson. He is black, but not bright and attractive like Obama. He is generally thought of as a Downstate liberal. He is a Democrat. These qualities make him very unattractive upstate, and he has alienated a percentage of downstate voters with the Gillibrand appointment. If he is not dethroned in the Primary, I suspect the next governor will be a Republican.

Following that, I suspect that Gillibrand will be unseated by a Republican in her reelection, because she does not have Downstate support, and the Republicans are very strong Upstate and on the Island.

So, Paterson has sold-out the Democrats of New York, in hopes of extending his personal political fortune.

The Democrats become more disgusting by the day, and I am seeing Green!

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