Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You're Undecided?

by DM

I didn't watch the debate last night. They aren't really debates anymore, they are Q&As and I have little interest in the canned responses.

The choice of President is a philosophical decision.

It's not that complicated.

Either you support the conservative policies of waste and corporate anarchy that have driven our nation to its knees, policies that are proudly represented by Senator McCain and Governor Palin; or you don't.

Either you will vote for more of the same crap that has been doled out for the last 8 years, or you'll vote for the black guy (who will not give you more of the same).

The only undecided people are those who don't support conservative policy (because it is an utter failure), and can't bear to to vote for a black guy.

If you can't vote for the black guy, just say it. Stop pretending you are undecided. We all know why you can't decide, and the sooner you face up to it, the sooner we can move on from the bullshit that is being slung by the two conservatives currently seeking the highest offices in the land.


ckb said...

I am, of course, voting for the black guy. The only reason I tuned in was in hopes he'd verbally kick McSame's ass in righteous fashion. He didn't do a bad job, but of course, this is not Hitler vs. Che Guevara, this is Mr. Non-Controversial vs. Mr. Non-Controversial. Did anybody think Obama was going to stand on a chair and scream for the heads of the capitalist oligarchy? Did anyone think McCain was going to introduce a plan for genocide of the poor so that we would all be fat, comfortable, white people who believe in Jesus? Of course not. (And either of the above, I'd not only have watched, I'd have paid to see, because that would be at least mildly interesting.)

Actually, I lied -- there's another reason I tuned in. They don't have "Rescue Me" on FX on Tuesday nights this year because of the writer's strike.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Sarah Palin because she's a hunter!!