Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ACORN Bashing

by AF

From the top down, Republicans have desperately been trying to paint ACORN as the greatest threat to US Democracy since... well, since Karl Rove and the Republican Party, if they were honest about it.

I have been aware of ACORN as a local activist organization in Philadelphia for as long as I can remember. The public impression they always made on the Philadelphia scene was through their presence as a group at most rallies, demonstrations, and marches usually staged and usually organized by some coalition of progressive activists rallying around various, anti-war, pro-peace, leftist, LGBT and Quaker causes.

The ACORN signs and banners seen at these events are most striking for their obvious home-made noncommercial appearance which only validates the group's authenticity as a real-people powered grassroots low-funded volunteer organization. The often rag-tag appearance of the people seen carrying those signs and banners identifies them as low-income and poor, and even homeless supporters out for justice and basic human rights.

So it is incredibly shocking to see such an gigantic well-funded and politically powerful Goliath as the National Republican Party picking on this grassroots organization, inventing a bogus national crisis (to distract from those real national and international crises they have caused) and blaming it on such a defenseless little-guy group as ACORN.

For local perspective and background on this desperate move by the threatened RNC giant, read the article posted at Philadelphia's City Paper web site.

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