Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Olympic Torch In Paris

The French succeeded at completing what the British started. The running of the torch to China was abandoned. This is good news. China should not be hosting the Olympics and every attempt to prevent it is a noble attempt.

I have not heard word yet about actions taken in San Francisco to halt the torch. Let's hope there is disruption there, too.

Hillary Clinton suggests that President bush should boycott the Games. That is unlikely, but it is noble of her to suggest it.

The United States boycotted the 1980 Games because of the political situation in Russia. The political situation in China is much worse and any President with a functioning moral compass would boycott the 2008 Games. The United States is a country without a moral compass.

Olympic organizers are now claiming that they will no longer run the torch in future Olympics, as if the protesters are the problem. The problem is that the IOC awarded the Games to a nation that is a symbol of much that is bad in the world. If the IOC wants to avoid protests, then they should be more careful about the countries to which the Games are awarded.

Protests cut short Olympic relay

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Anonymous said...

Judged by your words, i think you know nothing about China. Where the hell did you get the impression that China is such a bad country? Have you ever been to China? An idiot like you should just keep your mouth shut!