Monday, April 07, 2008

The Olympic Torch In London

God bless the English!

For good reason, many people around the world oppose the Communist regime in China. Most of the world is offended not by the socio-economic structure of Communism in China, but their expansionist policies that have been in force since the mid-20th Century.

For fifty years China has enslaved its neighbor Tibet. Killing or imprisoning any Tibetan who objected.

The rest of the world has stood by and few people have spoken up.

Under Richard Nixon, the United States government decided that China was A-OK with the American people, and neither four other Republican nor two Democratic presidents that have sat in the White House in the past 40 years has thought otherwise. So, in four decades, China has become America's primary trading partner; and preservation of cheap labor and cheap imports trumps any concern for human rights.

So China is hosting the Olympics this Summer. I can think of no other nation that so represents the opposite of Olympic ideals than China; but since the Olympics were turned into an orgy of Conservatism in 1980, Olympic ideals seem not to matter much to the Olympic Committee anyhow.

Fortunately, some citizens of the world still care about human rights and the Olympics and those citizens of the world object to China hosting the Olympics. God bless them.

Of course, there is little objection to China in American media, but one only need look to England to hear the voice of reason and see the importance of civil action.

A series of protests greeted the running of the Olympic torch through London today. One protester actually got both hands on it, and almost pried it away from Konnie Huq before being wrestled to the ground, and another protester nearly put the flame out with a fire extinguisher. During the majority of the run through London most people could not see the torch because it was surrounded by police! Now THAT'S they spirit of the modern-day Olympiad: police state security for advertising driven telecasts.

Thirty-seven protesters were arrested, but no serious injuries were reported.

English Prime Minister Gordon Brown greeted the torch at 10 Downing Street and although he shook the hands of all involved, he wisely did not touch it.

Sure, he could have done more, but at least he did that.

God bless the English!

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Curly said...

It was a Black day for Gordon Brown and the UK govt.

Who authorised the use of Chinese security personnel in London?

Anonymous said...

You want disrupt and unrest, unh?
You will be happy if the torch be extinguished and the relay be canceled?
Olympics is just a game. Why the hell you guys want to associate it with politics. You are afraid of China's uprising and what you are approving--the protest and the harrasssment--it's just contrary to the Olympic spirit.
By the way,according to a friend studying in London, many English protesters in London are beggers or homeless people hired by Tibetan protesters. Some of them didn't even know what they are protesting. They even shouted "free Japan!" cuz they made a mistake between Tibet and Japan.
At last, don't trust the so called unbiased CNN or BBC, there are a lot of--more than the tibetan protesters--Chinese students in the street of London and they waved red flags and welcomed the torch. But BBC didn't give damn about them. Not a single picture or interview. All they cared was the anti-China protest.
You are just one of the poor guys been brainwashed by your "Unbiased Media."
Go to China someday and use your own eyes.
After all, living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.