Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday 2008

It is Super Tuesday and I get to vote in the Democratic Primary.

If I actually vote for the cadidate who shares my position on most of the issues, I will vote Mike Gravel, a two-term Senator from Alaska (1969-1981), most famous for his efforts to end the draft following the Vietnam War. Like me, he is originally from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Gravel supports the ideas of Direct Democracy, which is generally not favored by our elected officials, because it gives ordinary citizens a greater voice at the highest levels of government (a voice not generally found in a federal republic like the United States).

The Glassbooth site can help you find the candidate most aligned with you on the issues of the day. Gravel and I are a 95% match; whereas I am an 85% match with Clinton and an 83% match with Obama.

I matched 100% with Kucinich, who was the candidate I intended to vote for, but he dropped out of the race.

Maybe I will vote for Gravel! I can't vote for Hillary, if only because we need someone besides a Bush-Clinton in office; and Obama's health care and economic plans are too anti-consumer for my liking. That leaves a vote for someone who has dropped out (Kucinich or Edwards) or a vote for Gravel.

Is your state holding a primary today?

Will you vote?

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