Monday, February 04, 2008

Again I Ask: "Where Are All These Constitutionally Protected Handguns When You Need Them?"

Sunday saw two stories about murder by handguns.

An unknown gunman killed five women at a boutique at a strip mall in suburban Illinois, and a 15-year-old shot and killed his family in suburban Maryland.

Handguns kill people.

In these cases, handguns killed nine people.

Still, there is no discussion of better control of handguns.

Handgun manufacturers are allowed to continue making handguns, and handguns continue to be sold with nominal federal legislation.

Hanguns are meant only to kill people. There is only one reason for a hangun: murder.

Gun manufacturers and their apologists will tell you that handguns are needed for self-defense; but it seldom happens. It is rare, a cold day in hell actually, when you read a story about someone actually saving themselves, or their family, with a handgun. More often than not, the story is that someone has used a handgun to kill in cold-blood.

So, when five women cowered in the back room of a Lane Bryan boutique, probably begging for their lives, where were all these constitutionally protected handguns that are needed for self-defense? Well, the only constitutionally protected handgun at Lane bryan this day was in the hand of a murderer. And when a father's handgun was taken by a son to wipe out the entire family: that was a constitutionally protected handgun.

I find it hard to believe that the founding fathers and the drafters of the Bill of Rights intended this.

Gun manufacturers have tricked voters into believing that their profits, the profits they make from selling handguns, are constitutionally protected. I can think of no industry more in need of regulation and control than gun manufacturers.

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