Friday, February 29, 2008

Now That's Leadership From Leaders

In the United States, our nation is run, managed, controlled by a bunch of spineless billionaires and politicians willing to wage war and ship the poor off to fight the battle, keeping their snot-nosed children of privilege safely ensconced in private schools, hob-nobbing with Saudi princes and other billionaires who will eventually conspire to destroy our nation whether by violent or economic terrorism. And our leaders will be all-too-happy to take a piece of that action to watch our once-great nation destroyed. See, for example, the Bush family's relationship with oil sheiks and construction contractors with names like Saud and binLaden.

In England, there are derelict leaders and manager, too; just look at Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher. But one group of privileged Brits chooses to lead by example: the Royals.

Prince Harry serves in Afghanistan
By Emma Henry and agencies

Prince Harry has been fighting the Taliban on the front line in Afghanistan for 10 weeks, the Ministry of Defence confirmed today.

The deployment had been cloaked in secrecy under a news blackout deal agreed across the UK media to prevent details reaching the Taliban and endangering Prince Harry and his comrades.

But the arrangement broke down today after news was leaked out on the US website the Drudge Report.

No decision has been made on whether it is safe for the Prince to remain in Afghanistan now that news has broken. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "The operational chain of command is now looking at a variety of options."

The Prince admitted just last week, in a media interview due to be reported on his safe return, that he could be a target for Taliban-supporting extremists in the UK on his return.

"Once this film comes out there'll probably be every single person, every single person that supports them will be trying to slot me," he said.

"Now that you come to think about it it's quite worrying."

In a previously unpublished interview before he flew out to Helmand Province in December, the Prince brushed off fears that he could be a "bullet magnet" declaring: "I just want to do my bit."

He said he had informed only a close circle of friends and family of his deployment, as the mission was cloaked in secrecy following the cancellation of the Iraq tour last year.

"I would never want to put someone else’s life in danger when they have to sit next to the bullet magnet," he said. "But if I’m wanted, if I’m needed, then I will serve my country as I signed up to do." Read more at The Telegraph website. . . .

It's easy to find reasons why this is not admirable, but when you compare him to the children of ALL of America's leaders, his decision to even place himself in Afghanistan is impressive.

Now, maybe an American billionaire can grow a spine (unlikely, I know) and fight in the military that is securing their fortunes.

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