Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who Needs Gun Control?

Who needs gun control? Not Americans, apparently.

Matthew Murray, 24, a white home-schooled young man from a deeply religious, upper middle-class "christian" household, spent 12-hours killing people in Colorado yesterday.

Having been previously kicked-out of a born-again mega-church, Murray exacted good, red-blooded American revenge by exercising his Constitutional right to bear arms.

In yet another example of the failure of Republican-oriented, so-called "christian" communities in America's heartland, Murray loaded-up his car with guns, drove to a Colorado seminary and killed a couple of people, then drove 80 miles and attacked a church, killing and wounding more.

In 12 hours and eighty miles, no citizens in possession of constitutionally-protected guns were able to put a stop to the rampage. I suspect that there was more than one gun in the possession of one person within a hundred feet of Murray during that half-day. Why didn't they stop him?

I thought one of the arguments against gun control was that citizens need to have guns to protect themselves against criminals like Murray. Yet again, none of them exercised their "constitutional right" to stop the criminal. Murray got away with murder.

So . . . another white suburban youngster of privilege takes a gun and kills. And I'm willing to bet the preacher in the church was complaining about homosexuals, abortionists, and immigrants, and praising the Second Amendment just before the real celebration of America started just inside the doors of his "house of worship."

Murray was eventually killed by security personnel.

The mainstream media is falling all over itself trying to get a bigger, wetter, better wet shot than the next, and I actually watched Larry King interview the security guard who killed Murray.

Have you ever killed anyone before?" He asked.

"No," the woman stated clearly.

"What was it like?"

WHAT WAS IT LIKE? You gotta be fucking kidding me? If he was Oriana Fallaci, it may have sounded more sincere, but it was Larry King and it sounded dirty! Asking a professional security person what it's like to kill a person? Larry King, as despicable as any of his brethren on Fox, is looking for a wet shot, this isn't news, it's pornography. And not good pornography, it's sleazy poorly-lit, borderline, barely-legal, rape pornography, with gun manufacturers as the boy and the American public as the unsuspecting victim about to get it where the sun don't shine.

Fortunately for the gun lobby, the climate and global-warming must really be addressed immediately, so they will be allowed to continue pumping-out millions of unneeded weapons that will be sold at "gun shows" where governmental regulations are circumvented. We do have to try to save the planet before we try to stop white suburbanites from killing each other.

But, I take comfort knowing that most gun deaths are committed by white, upper middle-class, young Republican suburbanites living in America's heartland. At least they are killing their own.

Thank God they are not here in Brooklyn killing Jews, immigrants, Catholics, and homosexuals! Let the Republicans and "christians" kill each other!

Those of us living in coastal urban America are safe from them.

But we are not safe from the gun lobby, the gun manufacturers, and the Democrats and Republicans who guarantee their profits (which profits are NOT guaranteed by the Constitution).

How many more children have to die from guns, and how many more Larry King porno-interviews will you have to suffer, before something is done about this public health and safety issue?

Man Committed Both Colo. Shootings, Police Say

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