Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Turn To The Left (Fashion!) Turn to The Right

A few years back, David Bowie, the husband of international supermodel, Iman, agreed to endorse the new line of haute couture from Tommy Hilfiger labelled H.

I know, I know, it sounds oxymoronic: using "haute couture" and "Hilfiger" in the same sentence is absurd. But the tedious urban designer gave it his best shot and hired Iman to wear the clothes and paid her husband to endorse the line.

The line was a failure, and was finally put to rest in 2005, less than two years into its existence.

Would anyone with real money to spend on real fashion want to purchase anything made by a designer as tacky as Tommy Hilfiger? Really, there is no designer lower on the food chain than Hilfiger.

So, I was flabbergasted that a style icon like David Bowie would even consider an association with Hilfiger. For any amount of money.

It exposed Bowie and Iman as either completely lacking in style sense, or so sinfully avaricious that they couldn't see past their bank accounts. The latter is obvious, but the mere notion that the former could be true is upsetting.

I am a huge David Bowie fan and until that decision he WAS the most important male fashion icon of his generation. For decades! I rationalize his participation in this project by believing that Iman cut a bad business deal and Bowie went along for the ride to support his wife. But, of course, I will never know if this is true.

I often wondered if Bowie could ever present himself as a fashion icon again. How does one erase the H Hilfiger debacle from their past? Does that smell ever dissipate? How can a star recover from a failure like that and gain credibility among regular consumers?

Maybe you start from the beginning again. No, I don't mean to wear dresses at press conferences and leotards on stage. Start appealling to consumers. Regular people who buy things. Start at the bottom, with clothes the regular person can afford.

I know this is going to sound absurd, but I think it might work: put your name on a line of men's clothing that sells for discount prices at Target.

Wait! He has! God bless him!

Bowie by Keanan Duffty, exclusively at Target!

Now here is an endorsement that puts you in the eyes of an adoring public. Here is a line of clothing that can garner you new, young fans while amusing your old, old fans!

Target's press release says:
David Bowie, a prominent figure on the rock music scene for over five decades, is widely regarded as an influential innovator, especially for his musical work from the 1970s. Taking cues from a wide range of fine art, philosophy and literature Bowie has become one of the most iconic players in the music industry.

The limited-edition Bowie by Keanan Duffty collection will be available at most Target stores and Target.com October 14 through December 24, 2007. Keanan Dufftyís fall 2007 collection will be available at select Target stores and on Target.com in September. Read more . . .

Good move, sailor!

I may not be able to wear these clothes at my advanced age, but I will certainly buy some!

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Keanan Duffty describes his new limited edition David Bowie collection of men’s items, including tuxedo jackets, jeans, dress shirts and rocker tees available October 15 at Target stores nationwide.

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