Friday, September 21, 2007

Tedious Terrell Owens

Instead of the initials T.O., I think we should all start referring to him as T.T. for Tedious Terrell.

T.T. was fined $7,500 for another ridiculous touchdown celebration.

T.T. is quoted saying:
It's kind of hard to understand the rules. It's like you can't do nothing no more. . . . Dude, it's like they're trying to find any way to take fun out of the game. So I'm kind of limited right now as far as what I can do.

Actually, T.T., football was more fun to watch before you and other shitheads started these ridiculous end zone celebrations.

These displays are not fun, they are embarrassing. You and others who perform this stupid ritual look like little girls in the playground have a bickering match with another group of little girls over an ice cream cone, or a boy, or a tube of lipstick.

I can barely watch NFL games anymore because of the ridiculous show-boating. Grow up. You are an adult millionaire. Show a modicum of dignity and self-respect. Act like a professional man.

What you do, T.T., is not entertaining. It is tedious. You are bad for football. The NFL has suffered by hiring assholes like you.

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