Monday, September 24, 2007

Do Not Call Registry Listings Set To Start Expiring

Did you register with the Do Not Call registry? The Registry, established in 2003, was established to prevent telemarketers from harrassing you.

When you registered, your request was vaild for 5 years. This means that those of us who registered in 2003 will drop off the list in 2008, and teh calls will start flooding back in.

Congress is in a masturbatory process to figure out what to do. Shall they force people to re-register or have the registry automatically extend infefinitely? The obvious answer is the latter, but I've never accused congress of understanding the obvious.

I have not missed the telemarketers. Have you?

To guarantee that you continue to appear on the Do Not call list, then go to, select "Verify A Registration." You will receive an email that confirms you are verified for another 5 years.

Don't delay. Do it now!

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