Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not Terrorism?

A bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The bridge was part of Interstate 35, a major roadway. At the time of this writing six are known dead, and scores injured.

"At this time, there's no indication of a nexus to terrorism," Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Russ Knocke said.

This begs my ongoing question of what constitutes terrorism.

The obvious actions of bombs and hijackings and kidnappings strike terror into the hearts of the citizenry.

But what about the slow erosion of our nation by the neo-cons? Over the past 25 years they have been defunding our most vital agencies and inspectors. Auditors and specialists in every government agency have been let go. Regulatory agencies are unable to do their jobs, and those within regulatory agencies interested in doing their jobs are generally replaced with executives from the industries they are supposed to be monitoring.

This erosion of our government by Reaganites and Bushies is not just sinful, it has led to a decrepit infrastructure, an immobile police force, a crippled intelligence community, and efforts only to steer our tax dollars into the pockets of a small number of people. It is terrifying! The dismantling of our government is terrorism.

How can a bridge over the Mississippi River, part of our Interstate Highway system, be allowed to crumble to this state?

Neo-conservatism and its philosophy that government is bad and America is a failure is wrong and immoral. Our government was the greatest government in the world until Reagan got his hands on it. Now, we a re a crippled nation unable to feed its hungry, clothe its naked, educate its children, heal its sick, maintain its roads, and build for the future.

This is terrifying! Our roads collapsing under us is terrifying. This neo-conservative movement of destroying America is terrifying. To say that this bridge collapse has no connection to terrorism is misleading.

The collapse of this bridge is a direct result of neo-conservative terrorism.

I hope the people of Minnesota will remember this disaster when they go to the polls next year at election time. Let's hope that the good people of Minnesota see that the Reagans and Bushes and Venturas and Santorums have destroyed this nation, including the great state of Minnesota, and let's hope those Minnesotans help elect progressive candidates, candidates who will work to rebuild America to its former greatness.

Video Fototage here

WCCO-TV, the NBC affiliate in Minnesota

God help us.

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