Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Democratic Presidential Debate

CNN and youtube.com sponsored and hosted a presidential debate last night. The questions were posed via youtube.cim video by ordinary (or, extraordinary) citizens.

This is the most innovative debate since the Nixon-Kennedy debates were televised. Subscribers to youtube.com created video questions to be posed to Democrats hopefuls. See the video questions here.

Mary and Jen, of Brooklyn, NY, asked about gay marriage. Only Dennis Kucinich answered the question correctly:

Or view the video at youtube.com here.

Since Kucinich seems to be the only candidate smart enough to understand the Constitution and its role in ensuring dignity for all Americans, he is the early front-runner to get my endorsement for the Democratic nomination.

Visit the Kucinich website here and send him money.

It's a good idea to let citizens use the internet to ask questions of the candidates.

I hope it continues for a few weeks. Eventually, conservatives like Clinton and Obama will figure out methods to co-opt the process, but it will be an important process until then.

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