Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are you stupid or evil?

Yesterday, in South Carolina, the President of the United States said:
Our top commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, has said that al Qaida is "public enemy number one" in Iraq. Fellow citizens, these people have sworn allegiance to the man who ordered the death of nearly 3,000 people on our soil. Al Qaida is public enemy number one for the Iraqi people; al Qaida is public enemy number one for the American people. And that is why, for the security of our country, we will stay on the hunt, we'll deny them safe haven, and we will defeat them where they have made their stand.
See the full text here.

Nobody denies that al Qaeda is in Iraq, Mr. President. What everyone except your minuscule support base and your handlers have said is that al Qaeda was not in Iraq before your invasion. Our invasion has established, in your words the "third world war . . . . "

Osama binLaden is thrilled with your actions and the longer we fight pretend enemies and bogey men in fairy tale war zones, al Qaeda will use our idiocy to build a fundamentalists movement that could make the Crusaders blush.

Yes, Mr. President, al Qaeda is in Iraq. They are funded by your friends in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other sheikdoms; oilmen whose families benefit from international destabilization, just like you and your family.

Yes, we are now fighting al Qaeda in Iraq. But they weren't there until you made the killing fields that Iraq is today.

You have to be liar, Mr. President; because I know you are not stupid.

And those of you still supporting him, especially those of you who pretend that supporting the President is somehow connected to supporting our troops, are either the as evil as him or the stupidest people on the planet. I'll let you choose!

If it's the former, then you can change your standing in the world by calling for an end to the War. If it is the latter, then you are a traitor and an embarrassment to America, patriotism and freedom.

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Anonymous said...

I think what is actually going on is that al-Quaeda in Iraq, which is actually an independent cell, is responsible for only 15% of the violence in that country. The remaining 85% is a civil war in which we are engaged.
Hope you are well.