Monday, April 09, 2007

Italian Soccer

My friend, The Rabbi, reports on his blog in an article published last week about police brutality, that the police officer killed earlier this year at a soccer match in Sicily may not have been killed by a fan, as reported by me and many others around the world.

According to The Guardian, the officer was struck by a police car, and that the fireworks allegedly thrown at him by a 17-year-old fan were not the cause of death. Not only are the Italian police brutalizing soccer fans, they are brutalizing each other.

The BBC reported police brutality against Manchester United fans during that teams visit to play AS Roma in a Champions League match. The following video of the BBC report shows graphic violence.

The brutality of the police is remarkable. Italian soccer is a shambles. The Italian government, now controlled almost excusively by corporate interests, cannot control its own security forces, and soccer fans from England are being villified, when it is clear that the Italian Football Association and police are totally at fault.

If the Italian football auhorities and the police are unable to host soccer matches at which all fans are kept safe, then soccer should be banned in Italy, and Italian fans and teams banned from soccer matches throughout Europe and the world.

After the violence that led to the Heysel disaster in 1985, English fans and teams were banned from from European football. The same should be done to Italian fans and teams today.

Thank you to The BBC, MUTV, and The Rabbi for this info.

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