Thursday, December 07, 2006

Vote For Time Magazine's Man Of The Year

Hugo Chavez, the amazing and irascible President of Venezuela won re-election in a landslide this past week. I was not allowed to vote in the Venezuelan election, but if I had been eligible to vote, I would have voted for him.

Chavez's policies of improving health care, infrastructure and education, while working to eradicate poverty make him the leader of civilization in the Americas, in all of the Americas.

Chavez is promoting policies similar to those that made the United States a great nation in the twentieth century. A nation of policies that have been undone piece by piece by every President of the United States elected since 1980.

Chavez is a candidate of the world and he is a candidate for Time Magazine's Man of the Year award.

I voted for him!

Vote For Time Magazine's Man Of The Year

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Anonymous said...

Chavez indudablemente es el hombre del año por su gran aporte a los pueblos para que luchen por su soberanía y por la redistribución de los recursos mundiales equitativamente entre toda la sociedad