Friday, December 08, 2006

The United Health Foundation 2006 Rankings of the Healthiest States in the United States

Each year, the United Health Foundation rates the healthiness of each of the United States.

Minnesota, where I lived about thirty years ago, is ranked healthiest. Louisiana, the state that was abandoned by the federal government at its time of need, is ranked least healthy.

New England states rank fairly well: with Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire all ranked in the top ten. Rhode Island is a respectable thirteenth.

Nearby New York State, home of the center of the universe, New York City, is ranked in the bottom half of the list at 29th. New Yorkers should elect more bad (Republican) governors, because look how well everything has been going the past ten years! Has any state that has not been savaged by the federal government fared any worse? No. New York is simply travelling down the shitter, into second-world status, leaving its working citizenry uninsured and unemployed while subsidizing the elaborate whims of a very few billionaires and their apologists in Albany.

New Jersey, which enjoys a reputation as a toxic waste state is really very nice and ranks fourteenth. The Garden State is actually quite lovely, when you get away from the cesspool that is Metropolitan New York.

See the entire listing here.

Why have New Yorkers allowed Donald Trump, George Pataki and the rest of the crooks sliming in and out of midtown law firms get away with this for so many years? New Yorkers seem as stupid as Massachusetts citizens who keep electing carpet-bagging Republicans that dismantle their government.

Haven't you people had enough yet? When will you wake-up and chase the conservatives back to the South where they can destroy resources below the Mason-Dixon line? (Wait until you see how the South fares ion the list!)

Minnesota deemed healthiest state, Louisiana worst
By Will Dunham
Tue Dec 5, 3:07 PM ET

Minnesota was deemed the healthiest U.S. state for the fourth year in a row, while Louisiana slumped into last place as the least healthy in annual state-by-state rankings released by on Tuesday.

Vermont placed second as it did in 2005 with New Hampshire, Hawaii and Connecticut rounding out the five healthiest states in the report by the United Health Foundation, a nonprofit group formed by health care company UnitedHealth Group.

They were followed in order by Utah, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Maine and Wisconsin.

Louisiana dropped to 50th from 49th last year. The others in the bottom 10 included last year's cellar-dweller Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Georgia and Florida.

The report weighed a series of factors in determining rankings, such as prevalence of obesity, smoking, infectious disease, cardiovascular deaths, infant mortality, child poverty, immunization rates, workplace deaths and auto deaths.

Southern states performed particularly poorly while those in New England and some in the Upper Midwest fared well. . . . (more)

Net Neutrality follow-up.
Pay attention to the AT&T/Bell South merger and fight the give-aways from the feds.

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