Monday, November 06, 2006

Why do so many people fail to vote

The USA has one of the worst average voter turn-outs in all the world. Iran and Iraq both have better turn-outs. 130 countries have better voter turn-outs than us! Only ten make voting mandatory, so if we remove them from the list then there are 120 countries that vote more than us! Sounds just like our standing in literacy and infant mortality. Why am I surprised?

I have always thought that Americans don't vote because the government doesn't want Americans to vote.

Why are polls open for only 14 hours on a workday?

Why are voting regulations made more confusing and difficult all the time?

Why are flawed electronic devices being used to count votes?

It must be because the government really doesn't want anyone to vote.

About 40% of eligible citizens will vote tomorrow.

If voting were really important in this Republic, then elections would take place for two days: all day Saturday and Sunday, the second weekend in November. You could vote before the gym. While on your run, on your way to the grocery store, while the kids are at a soccer match, or you could his the polls after you leave the bar no Saturday night, before or after church or other religious services, on the ride back from visiting the in-laws. The opportunities would be marvelous.

But, you can only vote on the first Tuesday of November between 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M., in New York. Some states have shorter hours.

Do people refuse to vote It's inconvenient? Because they don't see the point?

What would be the difference between voting for Hillary Clinton and George W Bush? Not much difference, really. Bush talks about restricting abortion, Clinton probably will restrict abortion. Bush talks about being against gay marriage, Hillary Clinton actually votes against gay marriage. Bush is in total support of the war in Iraq, Clinton votes for it every chance she gets. Bush supports shipping jobs off, Hillary Clinton has never seen a NAFTA deal she didn't love.

There really is NO difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. If you perceive them as different, then there is no reason to vote. Nothing will change if you vote for a Clinton, Kerry, Obama, or if you vote for a Bush, Santorum, Bloomberg. The new-conservatism of the Democrats makes them more repulsive than the pretend-conservatism of the Republicans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger? Deval Patrick? Hillary Clinton? George Pataki? Can you tell me whish is the conservative and which is the liberal? Or, if there are any liberals or conservatives in the list?

No! Nobody can. These are Democrats and Republicans. When they are elected they will change nothing except to where some of the tax-dollar contracts funnel. If Patrick wins Massachusetts, more money will funnel to his buddies, if he does not win, then the money will continue to funnel to Mitt Romney's friends.

If you really want to mix it up, vote Green.

An AP article about elections.

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