Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who Spends All The Money

Elections in the United States have become nasty affairs.

The problem is money, of course. Or, actually, avarice.

Money makes the world, go 'round, in movies; but in reality there is more to life than champagne, transvestites, anal sex, Swiss bank accounts, hunting tame animals, and ridiculing the poor. There is life. There is the world. There is civilization. There is charity and responsibility. There is our nation.

Becoming President of the United States, however, has little to do with responsibility and charity, civilization and governing, these days.

Presidential campaigns are like episodes in a really bad, long, drawn-out Fox situation comedy show. Sometimes the punch line is hilarious, or racist, or homophobic, or misogynist, or light-hearted, or sophomoric. The punch line is never satisfactory for anyone, except the winning candidate and his investment advisers.

Since the election of Ronald Reagan, reality has had little or nothing to do with the Presidency. Tell the people what they want to hear, then do whatever you damned well please.

When I look back on the last four presidencies, it is hard for me to admit the truth: the only president who hasn't totally fucked-up our nation was George Bush (the father). Reagan lead us from being the largest lender nation on the planet to the largest debtor nation on the planet (we owe more money than Brazil). Clinton signed NAFTA and the Defense of Marriage Act, two laws that fly in the face of American freedom and our once-strong economy. The current Bush has given us war, hatred, greed, and made us the laughing-stock of the entire world.

Now Bush (Daddy) wasn't anything I am proud of, but he tried to unravel some of the foolishness of Reagan's economic policy. And his entire political career was destroyed by it. Remember that it was Bush (Daddy) who referred to Reagan's economic ideas (accurately) as Voodoo Economics. Now, twenty-six years later, I know he was right!

But, who is truly responsible for the mess of our elections. Is it the Reagans, Bushes and Clintons? Or is it the Sabans, Bings and Eychaners?

Who are they, you ask.

What a coincidence! I asked the same of the Rabbi last night. The Rabbi didn't know, either. (He's busy bemoaning the plight of his Reds!)

We were chatting on AIM and we looked at the list. THE LIST. The list of people who donate money to political campaigns.

Since 1999, Haim Saban has made 118 political contributions totalling $12,894,100! Wow! That's a lot of contributions!

In the same time period, Stephen Bing contributed 67 times for a total of $9,890,493; and Fred Eychaner sent 119 contributions totalling $7,757,896.

My first thought: "Who are these right-wing scumbags meddling in the free flow of democracy and information, and to whom are they sending all this money?"

Saban, the big spender from Fox Entertainment, sent his money to Democrats.

Bing, another entertainment mogul, sent his money to Democrats.

Eychaner, President of Newsweb Corp, sent all his money to Democrats.

So, Democrats, in all their glorious incompetence, receive the exclusive beneficence of the big three contributors.

This information surprised me. I thought that the GOP received the majority of money from top contributors; but, Steve Forbes in only fourth on the list and he pretty much contributes his money to himself.

It's important to know who is buying Hillary Clinton and George Bush.

So, take a look at CampaignMoney.com

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