Wednesday, November 01, 2006


An enlightened young leftist yesterday told me that voting third-party is the same as voting Republican.

I had this same misguided opinion in 2000 and blamed Ralph Nader for giving Bush the Presidency. Of course that is ridiculous! The Rove Republicans plan to computerize as many state election processes as possible so they can simple steal every election, and that's what they did in 2000 and 2004.

I encourage all Americans, but in especially New York where Clinton will easily win re-election, to vote Green. Send a message to the Democrats that we are not happy with their conservatism and their shift to the right.

Voting third-party is a very smart move. Try it! I'm going to.


jane said...

I did this locally, as an anti-Blair vote, like lots of people, for a good Green candidate - but Labour's local policies are often a lot better these days than at national level

Who is the NY Green candidate?

Nice 'waiting for the man' video! Lucky you, to be there!


DM said...

The NY Green slate is:

Malachy McCourt for Governor
Alison Duncan for Lt. Governor
Howie Hawkins for US Senate
Rachel Treichler for Attorney General
Julia Willebrand for Comptroller

None of them have any chance, but I will vote for them all!