Thursday, November 30, 2006

Should the Majority Choose the Rights of the Minority?

The Boston Globe has posted an online poll asking whether Governor Romney is right to ask the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to force the Legislature to vote on the anti gay marriage constitutional amendment.

It is not generally the luxury of the majority to vote on the rights of the minority. If the majority has been left to decide the fate of the minority, then a democratic process might take place, but neither the ideals of liberty nor the ideas of civilization would ever have been advanced.

Would slaves ever have been freed if it was put to a vote? Would blacks ever have been given the right to vote if it had been put to a vote of whites only? Of course not!

America is great because we the people (our government) work to advance the civilized rights of all citizens, not just the priviliges of the majority.

Please consider voting "No" in the Globe poll by clicking here.

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